ACCERES Ambition

Building a leading customer centric Ag Contract Research Organization in Europe and worldwide.

ACCERES First class quality service

ACCERES service offering is based on 3 pillars:

ACCERES Expertise

ACCERES is comprised of recognized companies for their high level of expertise.

GAB Consulting: Among the largest Regulatory Affairs Consultancy firm in Europe, GAB Consulting has 20 years’ experience and employs more than 60 experts across Europe. GAB Consulting also provides Global services through partnerships across the globe.

Promovert: With 30 years of existence, Promovert is one of the most experienced field testing firm in Europe. Promovert operates in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy and employs more than 50 staff.

The future acquisitions of ACCERES will also show the same highest level of expertise.

ACCERES Coordination

ACCERES companies deliver Integrated service offerings through first class Key Account Management and skilled Project Management teams.

ACCERES Customer Centricity

ACCERES partners with customers to deliver a tailor made top quality service allowing them to access the market in a timely manner.

About ACCERES Brand

Our brand ACCERES is comprised of the word “ACCESS”, as we offer market access to our customers – and “CERES” – Roman Goddess of agriculture and fertility. It refers to market access in a timely manner, which is the most important thing for our Ag customers. ACCERES means pragmatism, quality, science, serenity, acceleration, success, in a few words: operational excellence and customer centricity.