ACCERES is comprised of recognized companies for their high level of expertise


GAB Consulting was founded in 1998 in the North of Germany. Among the largest Regulatory Affairs Consultancy firm in Europe, GAB Consulting is offering comprehensive registration services for the chemical industry with a substantial track record over the last 20 years in developing and implementing sustainable registration strategies. Employing over 40 consultants in 3 European offices, the company offers qualified and reliable regulatory services for agrochemicals, biopesticides, biocides, nanomaterials, feed additives, animal pharmaceuticals and chemicals (REACH) in compliance with the latest OECD and EU requirements. GAB Consulting also provides Global services through partnerships across the globe.


With 30 years of existence, Promovert is one of the most experienced field testing companies in Europe and in the world. Since its creation in 1985 in France, Promo-Vert has been focused on providing global services for testing Plant Protection Products, BCA (Biological Control Agents), seed varieties, fertilizers and growing agents with the final goal to supply the market with means and products for nutrition and protection of crops. Working under the latest EU regulations, Promo-Vert opened subsidiaries in different European countries to offer full capability to roll out European trial programs and now covers France, Spain, Portugal, Italy with  a professional and experienced staff dedicated to each service provided.

BIOTEK Agriculture, one of the leading field trial companies (GEP & GLP Field Testing) founded in France 30 years ago, offers a global network of independent experimental satellite stations covering diverse regions and types of agriculture.
Management and monitoring of quality is assured by a specific Quality Assurance group. Our use of farm equipment, as well as trials methodology, is under ongoing advancement and development to meet the changing needs of agricultural experiments. The team at BIOTEK Agriculture is motivated to stay up-to-date through regular training, which enables the company to provide optimal performance while adapting to your specific needs.


Acceres Field Research was born with the acquisition of the German Research & Developmment centers of Certis Europe founded in 2001.   Acceres Field Research activities in Germany are comprised of the R&D Center based in Christinenthal (North of Hamburg) and an additional field station located in Bad Durkheim (Near Mannheim).